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PHP 7.2 Error

MaryScott — Nov 28, 2018 03:35PM MST

Quantity selected is not working. Error message: "Please select a quantity."

As others have pointed out, PHP 7.0 works, but not 7.2. PHP 7.0 will no longer be stable or secure after 2018 (it will reach End of Life support by end of 2018) - can you please let us know about your roadmap to fix this error when we all inevitably get pushed to upgrade to 7.2 by our hosts?

2 Community Answers

Ben - Nov 28, 2018 at 06:37PM MST

Well, it looks like this plugin has been well and truly abandoned and is no longer being supported, despite promises of it being re-written 'using new technologies', almost 2 years ago. This is all very disappointing, especially as I paid Abel to add some custom functionality. He is not even responding to personal messages.

In his last blog post, Abel talked about making the new 'major' version having PHP 5.4 as the minimum requirement. As I'm sure you are all aware, PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0 are being depreciated in December and will no longer be supported, including no further security patches if vulnerabilites are discovered. This will leave sites open to being hacked and therefore, there is no choice but to upgrade to a minimum of PHP 7.1.

I'm not sure what version the last realese of EPP was but I'm using 2.1.0 and having tested it, it seems to work on PHP 7.0 (not fully tested), but not beyond this.

I haven't found any alternative plugin or even SaaS that provides te same functionality or meets our needs (and trust me, I've looked!).
So, what do we do? Give up on it or pay a developer to make it compatible with the latest versions of PHP? Or even commission a new plugin that retains the same feature set as EPP? Would be interested in your thoughts on where to go from here. Would anyone be interested in collaborating on an upgrade or new plugin?

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MaryScott - Dec 10, 2018 at 02:49PM MST

Well, it's definitely highly troubling that it's been 2 weeks and Abel still hasn't responded.

It sounds like we're going to switch to Neon CRM, which will allow us to collect payments on our site, set up events and registrations, and much more. Maybe that would be a good tool for you as well, Ben!

Here's some more info from our Neon CRM integration manager:
"Basically [Neon] sets up a forms manager for us that mimics the look of our website, and we will set up the registration directly through the CRM. Then, Neon will give us a URL for the registration page, and we will put that on the website for registrations."

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