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Non Response to Requests for Help

Taryn Lewis — Jan 24, 2018 01:41AM MST

I am a web designer, and have a client using Events Planner. We are having an issue with the full calendar display ( - if you navigate to March 2018, you will see there are two events - one green and one orange. However, all you can see is the vertical colored bar, and when you hover over that bar, the tooltip appears. However, nothing else is visible. I have gone through all the troubleshooting found in your help articles, and have deactivated all other plugins, none of which are working. My client has submitted three tickets, the oldest one a week ago, with zero response to any of them. The ticket numbers are 14508, 14539, and 14554. I understand your response times are slower than normal, but a week is well outside your 48 hour time frame. I am unsure how to proceed, and unsure how to get someone with your company to respond to my client on any one of their tickets, even if it's just to let them know someone is working on things. All three of the tickets have been assigned the same rep - maybe a new rep is needed who isn't too busy to help? Please let us know how we can get some help with our issue, knowing that we have gone through all your troubleshooting guides, deactivated all plugins, and haven't been able to resolve this on our own. I'm hoping it's a simple issue, maybe even CSS, just having a hard time finding it. Thank you for your help and timely response.

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