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Post-Registration Admin Payments Not Working

Christopher Hawkins — Apr 14, 2017 04:33PM MDT

I'm trying to help a client with an issue. Looks like they're on version 2.1.0.

One of their event attendees - who has already filled out a registration form and is already in the system - wants to pay with a credit card. The payment will not process.

Here's what's happening:

1) We go to Dashboard > Events Planner > Registrations > Edit (on our attendee) > Add Payment
2) We set Payment Method to "Credit Card".
3) We click Open Credit Card Form.
4) We fill out the form completely.
5) We click Process Payment.
6) The animated status ring appears briefly, then goes away.
7) Nothing has changed. The payment form is still open, no new info has written into the attendee payments, no new payment is evident in Stripe. Just...nothing. It's as if we never clicked the button.

We're not even sure how to begin troubleshooting this. It's not even throwing an error message.

Note that credit card payments made via the public side of the site in the registration form work just fine. The only place we can't get one to process is when we try to run a credit card payment administratively from the dashboard. So, clearly the Stripe integration is working - just not on the admin side of the house.

Where do we being our troubleshoot?

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