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Theme Template Setup

Starting with version 1.1, Events Planner can use theme templates to display the event list, single event, event location, and organization pages. This will enable you to style those templates any way that you would like. Here are the instructions on how to make this work. If you choose not to take this route, the event information will be displayed using the core views (which is what you see out of the box).  In many themes, single template content is displayed automatically by EP.  But there are instances when the user of the single templates is required.

To take advantage of this customization capability, you will need to have FTP access to your install (unless you plan on doing this locally), some PHP, HTML, CSS knowledge.

For displaying the custom post types, we are going to use the single.php template.  If your theme doesn’t have this file, don’t worry, you can use a copy of  you themes’s page.php or index.php file.  By default, WordPress uses this template to display single posts.  To make specific template files for your post type, all you have to do is make a copy of the single.php file in your theme’s root directory and rename the copy to single-your_custom_post_type.php.   After that, you can modify that template any way you want and it will only be used for that custom post type.  For example, Events Planner uses epl_event to designate the event custom post type.  Hence, the template file will be name single-epl_event.php.


We are providing you with some templates if you would like to use them.  These files contain the relevant Events Planner Template Tags.   Here is what each file is for:

  • event-page.php (optional): This is a Page Template designed for the page that holds the ‘events_planner’ shortcode.
  • event-list.php (optional): This template, as the name implies, handles the event list inside the page that has the ‘events_planner’ shortcode.  The use of this template is 
  • single-epl_event.php: A single template for events.
  • single-epl_location.php: A single template for locations.
  • single-epl_organization.php: A single template for organizations.
  • single-epl_registration.php: A single template for registrations.  When this template is present, the user will end up on the registration custom post type page (e.g.  ) that will show all the registration details.


Page Template Selection


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