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Help please with a complicated setup question

Hello I went through the docs, but have not been able to get the answer I was looking for. Hope you can help / its possible Basically I am trying to create one event, but it has different sessions on diff...

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Event detail not showing

My event details aren't showing for any events. Just the title and a Read More. Here's an example:

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Global Discount - Based on quantity

Hi Abel, Im having a play with the Global Discounts, im trying to create a very specific set of discount. Using a single discount code: - When <=2 events are ordered you get a 10% discount, - When ...

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Date Level Price

Hi Abel, I am setting up a weekly recurring event. Attendance will be free from May until mid June at which point we want to start charging. I've set "Date level price" to yes. I've creat...

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Part of event details are "under the left sidebar

For some reason when we added a new event the details of the event are "under" the left sidebar and the "Search" widget has disappeared from the left sidebar.

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Event template quirkiness

Hi, I've been using Event Planner Pro for some time now. I'm not sure what has happened but when I look at my events post (which was functioning fine before), it is formatted strangely. Before, i...

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How to force a response, other than initial choice in drop-down list

I have drop-downs on some forms and I've made them 'required' but I need people to actually make a choice. The form seems to simply accept the first option. I've tried adding a field value o...

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Discounts to Paypal

When I apply the global discount, the Event Planner Pro side works great, however, the discount is not reflected in the total due in PayPal. It is as if PayPal does not see the discount. How is this resolved to...

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MailChimp Integration

Hello, On behalf of a client I'm looking for a WP Event Management plugin that can, among other things, add users who register for an event to a particular group in a MailChimp list. This group needs t...

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Event Locations

So, I've added a couple of event locations for our planned events. However, when I go to create the event and come to Event Locations in Other Settings, there is only one location listed for me to choose ...

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