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Is there a way to set up a drop down menu for the available discounts instead of having to enter the discount code?

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how to display a page without the menu on the side

My theme default page used menu on the side. I am using that default lage in my Members only section. In the open section of my site I am using the option my theme allows which has NO Menu on the side When I...

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WPTouch Plugin Issue

Hello! We use WPTouch Plugin for mobile website version. All content looks good, except pages with events :( For example open a page with event on desktop and mob...

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Theme Templates

Hi Abel, How do I change the font size for the events list and the registration page? Is this with the theme templates? I am very hazy on how to use the templates. I think I know where to install them -...

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Invoice Instructions Disappeared

Hi Abel I would like to change the Invoice Instructions on the pdf invoice but the input box seems to have disappeared from the Advanced Settings Tab. Thank you, Emma

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Day-specific times

Hi Abel I have set up my demo classes where Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays have 9.30 classes and Thursdays also have a 10.30 option. In my Manage Events page this appears correctly but registrants seem t...

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Hidden Events still showing

Hi Abel All of a sudden, future hidden events are showing to the public. This didn't happen before. Emma

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redirecting to a particular url after submitting a form?

With Events Planner after a user registers for an event & hits submit, is there the abililty to take them to a particular url (e.g. a thank you page)? Thanks.

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Custom Templates / Tables

Abel, sorry for the barrage of questions…I’m trying to use the EP plugin to set-up an online courses/training website... 1. Some of the registration event detail tables are displaying a little funky when it ...

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Individual Event page - Not found

Hey - just started using WPEvents Planner today. Got it working with Paypal and for the events list: However, when I click through to the individual event, I...

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