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Display registrations based on dropdown selection

Hey, firstly thanks for this plugin, I am having a bit of an issue. I have included a dropdown (using your form manager) where the attendee information form is, which displays a number of users who have the rig...

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Hi Abel, long time no speak. Is there a changelog somewhere to see what's changed since v2.1.0? Thanks, Ben

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Registration Fields Text

Hi Abel, Is it possible to change the headers in the registration form - so for example call Primary Registrant something else and then change the titles above the ticket details - so mine shows Attendee 1: ...

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How to display total price on notification email?

Hi Abel, I was wondering if its possible to display the total of "Balance Due" in an email notification? I have had a play with this, but I've had no luck so far, Thank you in advance, ...

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surcharge added unless hotel registration filled in

I would like to add a surcharge to the event unless a hotel reservation confirmation number is added. Is this possible? ... and if so how?

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Help please with a complicated setup question

Hello I went through the docs, but have not been able to get the answer I was looking for. Hope you can help / its possible Basically I am trying to create one event, but it has different sessions on diff...

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Event detail not showing

My event details aren't showing for any events. Just the title and a Read More. Here's an example:

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Global Discount - Based on quantity

Hi Abel, Im having a play with the Global Discounts, im trying to create a very specific set of discount. Using a single discount code: - When <=2 events are ordered you get a 10% discount, - When ...

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Date Level Price

Hi Abel, I am setting up a weekly recurring event. Attendance will be free from May until mid June at which point we want to start charging. I've set "Date level price" to yes. I've creat...

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Part of event details are "under the left sidebar

For some reason when we added a new event the details of the event are "under" the left sidebar and the "Search" widget has disappeared from the left sidebar.

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