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Security Header Not Valid

Having a problem in that when I hit the Confirm button, I get the following message: ERROR: Security error. Security header is not valid I have tried everything I could find in the Support Center and have...

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Paypal button not responsive

Hello, We have used Events Planner pro for some time with no problems. We recently migrated to a new theme. For a while after the migration, the payment feature worked fine, but now the paypal button doesn&#...

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How to show Days of Week

Hi! Could you please write how to show Days of Week on Single Event Page. For Example, I have event 2 weeks length and I need to show users schedule (10am-5pm Mon-Fri). So, I added this info to event - http:/...

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events calendar by cateogry

Is there any option to add category dropdown to show events according to selected category?

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Payment installments, Quickbooks Merchant Services

Hello, Abel! Thanks for your excellent work! Does your plugin have support for Quickbooks Merchant Services anymore? If so, is there any documentation? I am sifting through the demo site and can't find ...

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Checkout Flow

Is it possible to change checkout flow such that registration information is collected before selecting event date? I do realize that this approach will not work well if event setup allows purchase of multiple ...

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Event Planner use multiple forms

Hi Able! I have a client's website using your plugin for a 5K Run/Walk Event. There are two different registrations: Participant and Sponsor. I have two different forms setup but both forms show when yo...

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Is there a way to set up a drop down menu for the available discounts instead of having to enter the discount code?

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how to display a page without the menu on the side

My theme default page used menu on the side. I am using that default lage in my Members only section. In the open section of my site I am using the option my theme allows which has NO Menu on the side When I...

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WPTouch Plugin Issue

Hello! We use WPTouch Plugin for mobile website version. All content looks good, except pages with events :( For example open a page with event on desktop and mob...

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