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layout changes

Is there a way to *automatically* remove the words for 'times' and 'ticket prices' from the display for events that do NOT have times or ticket prices? (Short of manually removing the wo...

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Visit website

I can't figure out where the input field is for the data that renders the 'visit website' link that shows on the event post. I don't see it anywhere on the event edit page. And by the wa...

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No link on Loc/Org

How can we make it where the 'Event Location' and 'Organization' - IF we should select to display - do not have to link to the respective pages? Maybe this should go to Feature Requests ...

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Does the pro version offer discount code functionality?

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Exporting to Spreadsheet

Once the registrant data gets exported to a spreadsheet, it comes out in a messed up format. Is there some way to ensure that it always comes out in a proper format that I can pre-set?

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Calendar Integration

Is there a way to extract a list of upcoming events into a widget or a calendar?

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New Problem

I Installed the Beta and it fixed the quantity issue. Now I got this message under details at the end of the registration process Warning: in_array() []: Wrong datatype for second argument i...

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Registration Error

Since upgrading to the Pro version, the registration has not been working. After I click on the attendee information button, I get the error: Section Error Please select a quantity Here is a link: http:/...

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The Registration Button

Perhaps I'm not setting something up correctly, but I'm puzzled why the Registration Button shows up when someone goes to the "Events" page but not on the actual Event page. Go to http://lo...

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Skip the select date and amount of tickets page

Hey Abel, we have an event where there is only 1 date and you can only buy 1 ticket per person. This caused the page where you can "choose" the date and amount of tickets to be obsolete. Can we ...

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