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Approve registration

Hi, is there a possibility to approve a registration before sending an email to the customer? Regards Stefan

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Get dates without formating?

I'd like to get the event dates and such without any formatting - just a string so I can use it inline. Is there a tag for this or php? Thanks! Alane

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layout changes

Is there a way to *automatically* remove the words for 'times' and 'ticket prices' from the display for events that do NOT have times or ticket prices? (Short of manually removing the wo...

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Visit website

I can't figure out where the input field is for the data that renders the 'visit website' link that shows on the event post. I don't see it anywhere on the event edit page. And by the wa...

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No link on Loc/Org

How can we make it where the 'Event Location' and 'Organization' - IF we should select to display - do not have to link to the respective pages? Maybe this should go to Feature Requests ...

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Does the pro version offer discount code functionality?

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Exporting to Spreadsheet

Once the registrant data gets exported to a spreadsheet, it comes out in a messed up format. Is there some way to ensure that it always comes out in a proper format that I can pre-set?

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Calendar Integration

Is there a way to extract a list of upcoming events into a widget or a calendar?

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New Problem

I Installed the Beta and it fixed the quantity issue. Now I got this message under details at the end of the registration process Warning: in_array() []: Wrong datatype for second argument i...

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Registration Error

Since upgrading to the Pro version, the registration has not been working. After I click on the attendee information button, I get the error: Section Error Please select a quantity Here is a link: http:/...

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