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3 questions (mostly about style)

1. I have one fee with price $X, min 1, max 1, and show 0 "no", so it ends up being required, and then there are several optional fees. When I hit register, my total shows $0 instead of $X. But if I ...

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Plugin Conflict

Not a bug, really, but thought it worth mentioning: I installed this on a site that had Simple Facebook Connect plugin, and got an empty middle, where I would be expecting my event list to be. Disabled SFC, ref...

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section error

I'm getting an error when clicking the next button, The message comes up in a red table form. With the message: Error: Please select at least one date. Please select a quantity. This form was worki...

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Adding Code to Payment Confirmation Page

Hi, We would like to add some code between the BODY tags of the page at the payment confirmed URL ONLY (i.e. the page user is spat back to once payment has been approved and confirmed). This is to track a...

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ease of use

... just to get an overall feel about the ease of use. I'm a relative newbie. What do I need to know before I use/buy? thanks

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Display of events

At the moment events seem to appear in the reverse order of posting. Is there a shortcode that I can use so the events appear on the page in the order they will happen. Alan

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How to edit the pages that are displayed after clicking the Buy Now button

So I've got my event up and running and things are working great, I just want to have some ability to edit the pages that are displayed after my users click on the Register/Buy Tickets button on my event. ...

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Full Calendar Styling

I'm trying to style the large, full calendar here: But for the life of me, I cannot find where to change the styling for the event listing, currently in blue. I've...

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Approve registration

Hi, is there a possibility to approve a registration before sending an email to the customer? Regards Stefan

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Get dates without formating?

I'd like to get the event dates and such without any formatting - just a string so I can use it inline. Is there a tag for this or php? Thanks! Alane

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