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Remove quantity and price selection

Hi Abel, I'm using Event Planner Lite Plugin, I really like it and I would like to use it for my wedding website, but I can't remove the price and quantity selection in the form. Is there a way to rem...

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Notifications not working

I've just started using your free edition, (looking to upgrade to Pro at some point very soon!) I've setup a test event on the system, but the site admin nor the registrants are getting email verif...

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Maximum Total Price

We have an kids' event where we're charging $40/person with a max of $100/family. Wondering if there is a setting that will allow us to do this while still allowing us to collect individual informa...

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Conditional Questions

Hi, I'd love to buy your plugin but am unsure if my requirements are matched: 1. Is it possible to use a conditional logic to "link" booking questions? e.g. If user selects "attend wor...

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User Event Submission

Is there an option to provide front end use of the form for users that would like to submit an event for listing purposes with the ability for an administrator to approve the listing before it's public?

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Canadian Currency

Hi - We are just about to purchase the Pro version of this plugin and would like to confirm that it can process Canadian currency. We've noted that has Moneris as a reseller, which is impo...

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Registration Notification

By default, registration notifications are sent to the site admin and to the person registering. Is there a way to send the site admin notifications to a different account? For example, an organization has a ...

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Theme Issue - Update

Hi I had posted a question a little bit ago about the theme issue I was experiencing with the page being in full width versus the way it should have shown up in the site. I played with the code a bit and got...

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Hiding Events Planner content in search results

Hello, what's the best method to avoid Events Planner content (organization name, event details, or even registrations datas) appearing in the search results page? Thank you. Didier

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Events spread over multiple pages

We are organizing an event and want the VIPs to register on a separate page as the event is free for them. Is is possible to have two pages with events: - A regular registration page with the event with var...

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