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Field for custom css

Hi, I do not see the field for custom css in Settings > General Tab that is referenced in other support questions. I also do not see a checkbox for disabling Events Planner custom css. I am using unpaid v...

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Attendee Information Button

We recently downloaded the pro version. We configure everything on the back end but when we go to test the platform, we receive an File not found (404 error) once we click on attendee information button. We h...

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Customer/Registrant Name on PDF Invoice

Abel, Maybe I'm overlooking it, but is there a way to include the registrant's contact information (name, address, etc.) on the PDF invoice that gets sent with a successful registration? I tried...

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How to get Primary Registrant data on registration so we can push to CRM

Can you let us know what file we would need to modify if we wanted to add the primary registrant data to our CRM? Is there a hook or a line of code you can point us to as a reference point? Thanks

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Password Protect an Event

Abel, Is it possible to password protect an event using WordPress' Publish Visibility? I created an event and set the Visibility to password protected (and set a password). When I access the event w...

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Change Individual event URL

Here is the problem I am having. My client want's to use Event Planner for registrations for events. However, they want to use a different plug-in for the actual calendar on the website, because they like ...

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Attendee page blank

The website has been working fine for months. Suddenly an issue came up where, after selecting the event, event ticket and quantity, the next page where attendee info form should be presented is now blank. The ...

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Will you be continuing development of the wpeventsplanner?

Hello Abel, I noticed that you haven't been making any new releases for a while and I wanted to check with you to find out if you have any plans on continuing support and development of the module. I s...

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Problem with registrations in multi language site

Good afternoon, I am using the WPML plugin and Events Planner Pro but the id of the events are different for each language so that registrations are made for different events when in fact the same event. So we ...

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link registration multilanguage

Good morning, the registration link does not work with multiple languages. I have the latest version of Events Planer Pro and use WPML. In Events Planner> Settings> General tab> Shortcode Page I have s...

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