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calendar start time

Hi Abel, How to I put the 'event Start time' as the first bit of the line that shows up on the calendar (in 'fc-event-title'). Currently it just shows title, until you hover. Thanks!

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Wordpress 3.4 Compatibility

Abel, I haven't seen anything on it yet, but is the current version of WP Events Planner Pro compatible with Wordpress 3.4? I wanted to check before updating my site. Thanks, Clay

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Email addresses

Hi Abel, Not sure whether this belongs in General or Feature Requests. I was wondering whether it's possible to send confirmation to more than 1 email addresses if the user fills in the email field and ...

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Form Section Counter Label

Hi Abel, Not sure if this is a bug or not. For the "Form Section Counter Label" in Settings, I set "Day" as the label to display Day 1 and Day 2. It was working fine before but I think af...

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Showing Past Events

I apologize now if this is already somewhere and I have missed it. I love your planner, and I do have the pro version. Is there any way to show the past events on the calendar? We teach classes, and a lot of ti...

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Registration Form

I created 3 different forms for the registration form. And I have "Show Form Name" checked for all 3 but on the actual registration form, it only shows the name of the last form instead of all 3 forms...

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Registration Form

Is it possible to set price specific form based on a discount code? I have several discount codes and one of them is free. This code is for the registrant to attend the general events only, no concurrent sessio...

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different between lite and pro

I bought pro ... and the events look different and I cannot figure out how to get pro to look like lite. Pro has a "More" and a "+" where you need to click that to get prices and such. ...

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Hi there! I've just discovered your plugin and have been testing it the test site, and it seems like it might suit my needs. I wonder, does your Lite version allow for Norwegian currency, or is this only ...

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db question

Hi Abel, I recently moved my EP install from 1 hosting site to another and it seems to be working. I went to the phpMyAdmin to look at the db install on the new site and did not see any relevant tables for E...

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