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Can users create their own events?

Hi I was wondering, can users create their own events on the frontend using WP Events Planner? If not, does this plugin work well with WCVendors or EDD Front end submissions? Thank you! Robert

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Event list date end

Is it possible to add the end date of a multi date event in the events list? Can I also display the prices as I have a price for an individual day, or for the whole week?

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no email confirmations

I am not receiving any email confirmations, even though I have set one up and selected it in the settings. I need these to be sent to both the admin (with all the details on) and the ticket buyer. I have even t...

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no registration page after booking

When I complete a booking it goes back to the home page and not an overview of the booking, Why is this? Or alternatively, can I direct the user to a list of their registrations if the first is not possible.

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I cannot login

When I try to login after adding an event to my cart and go to the attendees information page, the login button doesn't work. It just refreshes or leads me to the same page.

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Select an attendee from multiple

I will try and explain my one point further that I asked you before I purchased the software If I have 3 attendees I have previously registered. How do I select one of the previously used attendees? The syst...

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My calendar doesn't show the month

For some reason the month isn't displayed on the calendar, which makes it confusing? Also, can you make the calendar go to the first event. I have tied the su...

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Field for custom css

Hi, I do not see the field for custom css in Settings > General Tab that is referenced in other support questions. I also do not see a checkbox for disabling Events Planner custom css. I am using unpaid v...

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Attendee Information Button

We recently downloaded the pro version. We configure everything on the back end but when we go to test the platform, we receive an File not found (404 error) once we click on attendee information button. We h...

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Customer/Registrant Name on PDF Invoice

Abel, Maybe I'm overlooking it, but is there a way to include the registrant's contact information (name, address, etc.) on the PDF invoice that gets sent with a successful registration? I tried...

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