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How to refund full or partial payment for event?

I would like to have the ability to refund a user for either a full amount or a partial amount. Is that possible? And if so, how? Thank you! CC

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Event will not show and saves straight to legacy list

I am starting to get real problems with any event I create now. I have created an course that runs every week, but can only be booked as a complete course. I have created it but it has gone straight into my leg...

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Is there a way to set a maximum number of people for all prices options combined?

Currently I am updating a website I built called I am running Events Planner version on it. You can see what I am working on here.

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Tickets creation

Can events planner generate tickets with consecutive numbers? These tickets can then be automatically sent to the buyers? I use the Pro-Version of Events Planner

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Classes not showing after first day of course has past when set to ongoing

I am having issues getting a course to show after the first date has passed. I have set it to ongoing. I have an event set to reoccur every Wednesday for a number of weeks. I have used recurrence to do this. If...

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Is it possible to move an event from the legacy list to the events list

I have created a number of events that for some reason have gone into the legacy list (no idea why), Is there any way of moving these to the normal events.

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Problems with two attendees at different price levels

I have an event that in our old system had pricing options set up like this: Driver - $225 Driver & Co-pilot - $275 What this means is that there will always be one attendee at $225, and it only cost...

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How to force Event Details and Available Spaces to always show

Abel - Instead of requiring a user to click on the + sign to see Event Details or Available Spaces on the registration form, can I force those to show all the time when they go to Registration? Here is what...

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Help understand how capacity works

Abel - I'm setting up the ATPI Winter Conference registration form again and I have three groups that can register - Adult, Student and Speaker. I want to limit the student registrations to 300, but I don...

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Change Text Size

Im trying to figure out how to change the text size in the boxes. The seem to be really small. Thanks

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