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clicking through from Excerpt of event not going to full details

Hi, could you suggest what settings I may have wrong... I have created a page with the shortcode [events_planner] and I have marked my events to display as Excerpt for each event, so they display on the page wi...

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Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in

Kept on getting the Warning message after I hit preview: Dates Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home4/crzycobo/public_html/wp-content/plugins/events-planner-pro/application/libraries/ep...

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Event date display and sort order

Hello, In the settings for Events Planner I have events selected to sort by Event Start Date and to display d/m/Y, however when I inserted a shortcode to display the events on a page their date is m/d/Y and ar...

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Can I change 'More' label to something else e.g. 'Dates/Prices'

In the events list produced by the shortcode, can I change 'More' label to something else e.g. 'Dates/Prices'? Kitka

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[events_planner] shortcode displays no events

Hi I went through the setup, and added an event and the shortcode [events_planner] to a page and published. When I view the page it says this: "Sorry, there are no events currently available". What a...

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Display event date without the more button

Hello, On the event list, I would like to get rid of the "More" expandable to show dates. Instead, I would like the dates to be automatically shown. I found some old question saying I should use [...

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confirmation emails not being sent

ive looked thru all your posts. nothing seems to be working. any ideas?

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fatal errror???

keep getting this message Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class epl_settings_manager in /home/content/32/3409332/html/wp-content/plugins/events-planner-pro/application/controllers/epl-settings-manager.php on...

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How to refund full or partial payment for event?

I would like to have the ability to refund a user for either a full amount or a partial amount. Is that possible? And if so, how? Thank you! CC

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Event will not show and saves straight to legacy list

I am starting to get real problems with any event I create now. I have created an course that runs every week, but can only be booked as a complete course. I have created it but it has gone straight into my leg...

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