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Error in the checkout process

When I check out - I get the following error at the top of the page after entering all the information. The checkout process works fine, but I'm not sure why it's happening. WordPress database err...

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Sending registration forms

I guess I am missing something really simple! If a registrant completes the form but fail to complete payment, the registration forms are not emailed! If the client subsequently makes a manual payment (Cash i...

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Overview button does not bring user to confirmation page

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I can not get checkout to work. I have ssl on my domain. I enable stripe. In the form it shows overview, then a blank page after it is press.

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Hi Abel, So I am running a convention, in July. When the registration page comes up, to signup for an event, the calendar has the current month. Is there a way to force the calendar to always display for Jul...

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Duplicating an Event

How can I duplicate an event? I thought it was included in the software but I cannot find it. I searched this site and found answers saying to install the Duplicate Post plugin, but the answers were all from 2...

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Custom form fields in PDF

Hi, I'm currently looking for a way to display a custom created form field (company name) in the invoice PDF. So far it only shows first name, last name and mail adress. I tried adding it to the $data v...

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Pricing labels on latest version

I have a 5 day event with a normal day base price but want to offer a discount for booking 4 days and 5 days that don't comply to normal globe discount rules. In the past the developer set up a: Normal...

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Latest update for classes bug

When is the update going to be completed resolving the issue with the group classes booking as it has now been a month with no reponse and it was promised January. I have a very agitated client who needs this r...

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event planner list

I want to remove category and instructor from the [events_planner display="list-class"] - is that possible?

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