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Theme Template Setup

Starting with version 1.1, Events Planner can use theme templates to display the event list, single event, event location, and organization pages. This will enable you to style those templates any way that you ...

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Template Tags

Here is an ever expanding list of available template tags for your theme templates. Since events, locations, and organizations are Custom Post Types, the standard WordPress template tags (i.e. the_title(), get...

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Waiting List

As of Events Planner PRO 1.3, website admins can now offer waiting list for each individual event (at a date level). A few things are needed before a waiting list can be activated and used. 1) Waitlist specif...

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How to modify HTML view files to make specific changes

Almost all of Events Planner's HTML code resides in view files, logically separated into areas that they power. If you have the Pro version, you can make changes to these files and keep the changes from being ...

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How to accept deposit payments

Events Planner Pro (Advanced version) will let you accept a partial payment at the time of the initial registration and the remainder at a later date. Here are the specifics. 1) Enable the feature when settin...

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How to use discounts

Events Planner comes with two powerful forms of discounts: event specific and global. As the names imply, event specific discounts apply to the events that they are created in, and global discounts apply to al...

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