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Moved website, Events Planner no longer working

I just moved my website, and now Events Planner is breaking my Events page. The footer of the page doesn't show up. If I delete the [events_planner] shortcode, the page is fine and just contains no content...

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Compatibility with QTranslate

I have just installed the PRO version and despite the fact that I am thrilled with the result some little cosmetic details need to be fixed: <div class="epl_event_title"><h2><!--:de--&...

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Getting some strange redirects

Try sending an event registration on this site When you pro...

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Date not appearing for events

Please see screenshot at link below. This is what my events look like that have passed. Not sure what is going on I am running the latest version of WP Event Planner. They were working fine and then poof one da...

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Duplicate Post

Duplicate Post is still not working with the 2.0.6 version. Any news on a fix for this?

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Refresh Total Not Working

I see that this is a common problem with many different solutions. Was wondering if you could tell me where I'm going wrong.

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v2.0.3 Unable to Trash Events

When using either Manage Event page v1 or v2 am unable to trash an event. The url changes to: http://myurl/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=epl_event&page=epl_event_manager&trashed=1 but the event remains...

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Error on checkout to paypal.

Getting this error in RC2. ERROR: Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details.. The totals of the cart item amounts do not match order amounts.

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Undefined message when sending notifications

Hi Abel, We are still having this problem and I would appreciate your help. When we use the snapshot to send reminder notifications of upcoming events, it most often presents a message that says 'undefine...

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Instructor link not working

Hi Abel, When you click the Instructor link, the URL in the browser address bar is correct but the content displaying is not the instructor info, but rather a generic blog page (and we don't have a blog s...

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