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Registration link changes in iphone mail app going to safari getting "You reach this page in error"

Scenario: On the registration email we place a link to the registration a. if we click in the link in a computer it w...

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Payment profile does not disconnect from event bug

Scenario: Running 2.0.7 and WP 3.9.2 Created a paypal sandbox, paypal and check. Created an event and associated paypal and paypal sandbox. Cloned to other events. Removed paypal sandbox from event (unchec...

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no date to select

When I create an event and go to test it. After I select the quantity Im prompted to please select a date, but there is nothing to select. I have the pro version, and I cannot figure this out? A bug? A wro...

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Moved website, Events Planner no longer working

I just moved my website, and now Events Planner is breaking my Events page. The footer of the page doesn't show up. If I delete the [events_planner] shortcode, the page is fine and just contains no content...

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Compatibility with QTranslate

I have just installed the PRO version and despite the fact that I am thrilled with the result some little cosmetic details need to be fixed: <div class="epl_event_title"><h2><!--:de--&...

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Getting some strange redirects

Try sending an event registration on this site When you pro...

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Date not appearing for events

Please see screenshot at link below. This is what my events look like that have passed. Not sure what is going on I am running the latest version of WP Event Planner. They were working fine and then poof one da...

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Duplicate Post

Duplicate Post is still not working with the 2.0.6 version. Any news on a fix for this?

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Refresh Total Not Working

I see that this is a common problem with many different solutions. Was wondering if you could tell me where I'm going wrong.

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v2.0.3 Unable to Trash Events

When using either Manage Event page v1 or v2 am unable to trash an event. The url changes to: http://myurl/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=epl_event&page=epl_event_manager&trashed=1 but the event remains...

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