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CSV export not available on all events

Hi Abel, For some reason, when I go to Manage Events and click on the "Comb." button of SOME events, there is no header with the options to sort the list and export to CSV, etc... Some events ha...

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Email formatting

It would appear that emails sent manually via the Edit Registration page are losing their formatting and sending in one long block of unformatted text. To double check I tried sending the confirmation email (wh...

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Attendee Form keeps switching back on when we don't want one.

Hi Abel, It would appear that this is a bug? We have some events in which we don't want to capture any attendee level information. We have selected a form for the registrant and then we UNCHECK all form...

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Calendar bug

Hi, the calendar and the upcoming events widgets aren't working properly on the sidebar. I can see them in the sidebar but i get this code right below it: var tt = $('#ue_tooltip'); var elOffset=...

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Email Template formatting issue

Hi there. How can i change the layout of the email templates? Although i have adjusted the system tags as best i can, when the email arrives (regardless of the template chosen), the {registration_details} data...

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Quantity form element not being rendered

I have created an event with the newest pro version. The event seems to be OK, but when we go to the registration page there is no form field rendered for the quantity and the "Please select a quantity.&qu...

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events in the future are shown

See You see a LONG list of the ALL the upcoming weekly events for years to come.... Click on the Register button at the bottom and you'll see another long list with ir...

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garbage display in emails header

There is no UTF-8 support for the email header so it looks like: New Registration: × ×¨×•×—×ª שישי בבית חב״ד Please fix Thanks

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Shortcode not working

I've installed and activated Event Planner and filled out everything according to your new user manual, but nothing shows up. When I attempt to look at the event itself, I get a 404 page, and the page wit...

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registration download to CSV

I marked registrations complete and entered the payment information using the quick link from the registrations screen. When I download the full list to a CSV from the manage events screen those that I marked ...

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