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events in the future are shown

See You see a LONG list of the ALL the upcoming weekly events for years to come.... Click on the Register button at the bottom and you'll see another long list with ir...

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garbage display in emails header

There is no UTF-8 support for the email header so it looks like: New Registration: × ×¨×•×—×ª שישי בבית חב״ד Please fix Thanks

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Shortcode not working

I've installed and activated Event Planner and filled out everything according to your new user manual, but nothing shows up. When I attempt to look at the event itself, I get a 404 page, and the page wit...

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registration download to CSV

I marked registrations complete and entered the payment information using the quick link from the registrations screen. When I download the full list to a CSV from the manage events screen those that I marked ...

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Shortcodes clash with visual composer.

Hi, My website uses Visual Composer. When there is an event Live the shortcodes breaks the layout. When no events are live, the layout works. The Events Planner works, just breaks the layout. Is there ...

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Manage Events - multiple sessions for one event - sessions started don't show on the list

Hello Abel, Could you check this case? Version updated to Scenario In our business we set up for the same event, 2 sessions: 1 and 2. Session 1 has started, but it's still open. Session ...

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Permalinks failing

Hi there -- For some reason my event URLs are just redirecting to my homepage. I flushed my permalinks to no avail. Hopefully you can help me out with this! My site is I have ...

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Event Calendar

I am getting the error noted in your troubleshooting and have followed the instruction to fix it, but I am still getting the error.

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Stripe Processes Fatal Error

Hey Abel! First off, I love your plugin! It's awesome! Thank you for getting stripe going! I bought EP PRO yesterday and have been styling it for our client. Had one issue processing a payment with Stri...

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need a little more help :)

hi abel, i have a few more things i need help with that are coming up as folks are registering... folks are almost always getting an error message when trying to pay for my events. one person wrote of the...

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