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Calendar in Sidebar

I would like to display the calendar in my sidebar. I have used the shortcode: [events_planner display="calendar"] and no luck. What am I doing wrong?

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Clicking on Read More in event summary only leads back to same summary

See it live here: Click the calendar forward to October- there is an event late in October. Click on it. You get a summary, with "Read More". Click that... and y...

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End Date of event not showing during registration or confirmation e-mail

Hello, Love you plug-in but am having an issue with a multi-day event (2 days). On the registration page where it shows the dates (in the "available spaces" section and also radio button date selec...

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"Visit Website" going to a blank page in IE? to a new tab in other browsers?

I have an event setup and on the event details page, it automatically shows "Visit Website" in the right side next to the Location. I'm not sure what use that is as the link is to this same page....

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Conflict with slider on site

Hi, This plugin is causing the slider on the home page to stop working - it displays an empty space at the top of the home page where the slider should be. I'm hoping there's a way to get around thi...

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CSV export not available on all events

Hi Abel, For some reason, when I go to Manage Events and click on the "Comb." button of SOME events, there is no header with the options to sort the list and export to CSV, etc... Some events ha...

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Email formatting

It would appear that emails sent manually via the Edit Registration page are losing their formatting and sending in one long block of unformatted text. To double check I tried sending the confirmation email (wh...

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Attendee Form keeps switching back on when we don't want one.

Hi Abel, It would appear that this is a bug? We have some events in which we don't want to capture any attendee level information. We have selected a form for the registrant and then we UNCHECK all form...

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Calendar bug

Hi, the calendar and the upcoming events widgets aren't working properly on the sidebar. I can see them in the sidebar but i get this code right below it: var tt = $('#ue_tooltip'); var elOffset=...

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Email Template formatting issue

Hi there. How can i change the layout of the email templates? Although i have adjusted the system tags as best i can, when the email arrives (regardless of the template chosen), the {registration_details} data...

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