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Missing Registrations from Attendee List

I added several registrations by Events Planner --> Registrations --> Adding New Registrations. While they appear in the Registrations list, they do not appear under Events Planner --> Manage Events...

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Content not being added to DB and Not showing on Overview page

There seems to be a conflict of some sort with Events Planner Pro and Wordpress. Content from the registration page is not being added to the DB and then the filled data is not appearing on the Overview page. ...

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Dropdown for amount not rendered

What I've done wrong? (I am a PRO User)

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Export missing dropdown data

When I export a csv file of the registrations, any data that was obtained via dropdown is not showing up in the CSV file. Those fields are showing blank. The data is there, as when i view the registrations on...

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Register Button

Hello, Great plugin! However I am having a problem with the Register button that appears in my wordpress page after I include the [events_planner] word in my page. When I click the Register button the but...

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Registrations Page

When I go to the registrations page, there is a column labeled "attendee". I actually purchased the full plugin bc I knew that this feature was there and I needed my clients to easily find records by ...

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overview blank if not logged-in

Hi Abel, The overview page remains blank if the user is not logged-in. The form is open to public. Tested in several browsers. I'm using version Version 2.1.0 of the plugin with Wordpress 4.2.7. Thank...

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Chrome doesn't work for admin pages

Your admin pages don't work on Chrome, but do on Firefox (I'm using OS X El Capitan, 4.4.1 WP running Match theme). Suggest you at least warn users that Chrome is not supported. I was having trouble s...

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Confirmation email not received

We are using Pro version. Notification emails are not being received at alternate email address and if alternate email address is filled. Based on limited testing, it does seem work fine when alternate ...

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Moneris Payment status Incomplete

Hi Abel, My client just made a payment in an event using Moneris Canada. The payment went through fine but the Status is showing incomplete. Why would this be?

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