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Stripe Error

Abel, I set up stripe and when one of my clients tried to use it they received this error; Stripe_APIError thrown stripe no longer supports API request made with TLS 1.0. Please institute HTTPS connections...

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Not Refreshing Total

When we select the tickets and click on refresh amount, it only shows "0". Please see how to resolve this.

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ERROR: Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details

I am getting a paypal error when i go through registration of a new event I recently put up. A have other events live that are working fine, however, this is a "free event" with a surcharge. I didn&...

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Waitlist - Cannot Register for Waitlist

I have a waitlist configured for an event and once the event is full, I am displayed the option to be added to the waitlist but when the link is selected, a single box appears and no data can be entered into th...

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Payment profile sorting doesn't stick

Hi Abel, I can rearrange the payment options on the event page, but the next time the event is opened in the backend, they have reverted back to alphabetically displaying. Any way to make the order stick?

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Backend shows wrong subtotal

Hi, just a quick hint and something that probably got overlooked since it works perfectly fine in the front-end cart. In the backend when editing a registration and having at least two events chosen and a...

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Discount Code Max Use

I can't seem to get the Max discount code =1 to make the code available to one attendee, for one purchase. If he comes back another day to make another purchase he can use the code a second time.

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Loading checkout fails with a blank page and "0"

I am using the popup cart. When I click on the checkout button which is this address: /event/testy-mc-test-event/?epl_action=show_cart The only thing that happens is a blank page with a "0" on...

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Shortcodes print event even if is not under the category

Hi, I have version If I put the following shortcodes in my page, it is rendering the form events 4 times: [events_planner taxonomy="studio-production"] [events_planner taxonomy="fi...

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Error When Displaying Past Events

I'd like to display past events here: The following code displays just the upcoming event: [events_planner display="lis...

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