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Discount Code Max Use

I can't seem to get the Max discount code =1 to make the code available to one attendee, for one purchase. If he comes back another day to make another purchase he can use the code a second time.

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Loading checkout fails with a blank page and "0"

I am using the popup cart. When I click on the checkout button which is this address: /event/testy-mc-test-event/?epl_action=show_cart The only thing that happens is a blank page with a "0" on...

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Shortcodes print event even if is not under the category

Hi, I have version If I put the following shortcodes in my page, it is rendering the form events 4 times: [events_planner taxonomy="studio-production"] [events_planner taxonomy="fi...

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Error When Displaying Past Events

I'd like to display past events here: The following code displays just the upcoming event: [events_planner display="lis...

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Please select a quantity

Hi, Getting the error "Please select a quantity" in edge, but can do registration okay in Chrome. The error differs between users, some can, some can not. Have a lot of people trying to register no...

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Creating event requires incorrect number of occurences

I have set up an event to cover just a Monday from 9th January 2017 until 13th February 2017. This is only 6 occurrences, yet the calendar will only show these if I set it to 7. I think there is a bug somewher...

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Memory error using Chrome

I am currently experiencing an error when my users are on Chrome. (I've checked Safari and Firefox, and they seem fine, oddly enough.) Do you know if there's anything I can do? Here is a descri...

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Can't download registration table ("permissions" problem)

I can't download the CSV file of the registration table, which has always worked fine for me in the past. It is giving me a "permissions" error and won't let me save anywhere, even if I AM t...

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Waiting list failing with - works fine when not waiting list

Abel, We are having an issue with the plug-in. Scenario: Version 2.1.1c Waiting list email sent AIM When we send the email with the link using the site, used click the link, enter the qua...

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getting error when going to paypal

I have installed Event Planner (free) in WP, set up PayPal payment profile with the API codes, passwords and signatures. I set up an event and it's displaying just right.. but when I fill out the form pr...

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