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Unable to find Email button

Hi there, I am not seeing the "Em" option anymore and the UI actually looks a little different than in the past. I see options for View Attendees, View Full Data, and Export CSV. I am using version 2....

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BUG: Select a Quantity Error

Whenever an individual goes to register for one of our events (, they are unable to move beyond the initial registration screen where a quantity is selected. The red box displays below...

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PHP 7 Doesn't recognize a quantity has been selected

Hi Abel -- I upgraded my site to PHP 7.1.17-1 and am now receiving the error "Please select a quantity" when trying to register for an event. When I select a quantity, it doesn't recognized ...

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Forms Not Displaying

Hi, The registration forms have suddenly stopped displaying using the shortcode. It either displays one of the two forms or does not display either form. It was working fine for several months until yesterda...

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Features Not Working

wp version event planner version Goal - add repeating classes to calendar Steps to reproduce (fails for Chrome and Safari) 1. Click on the button that says class/course 2. Add a session date 3. Click ...

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PHP V7.2 error on array

Hi Abel, I have been encountered with a necessary upgrade to V7,2. Now I got errors and the event is not working properly. Unfortunately, I can't downgrade back to 7.0 as this is related to my hosting...

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500 error

I'm seeing an issue where the transaction details aren't getting pushed to the PayPal screen. As you click the "confirm and continue to PayPal" button, the page loads a 500 server error. Spo...

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Calendar not displaying correctly.

We are noticing that calendars are overlapping - see when trying to display more than one calendar. Even with one calendar, calendar image is not displaying correct. I tried putting in...

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Classes not showing once the first date has passed

Is there any way that I can get an event to show on the calendar once the first date has passed. I have set up a 6 week event which I want people to be able to book even after the first date has passed, but for...

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Paypal api errors

after the latest upgrade all events receive an paypal api error, everything worked before the update please help

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