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Short Code Attendance List

I like the attendance list feature and especially the ability to filter the information shown there, but I would like to be able to add the attendance list (or link to the list) from a registration-independent ...

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Custom registration id

I have been trying your plugin in the test site, and one thing that I would like to have is custom registration ids. Right now, for each registration, a random alphanumeric string gets assigned as the registrat...

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payment display

Hi there, I have my event set up to have 2 payments, Mail in check, and paypal. As it stands, the check is above the paypal in payment options. How do I move paypal up?

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Additional columns in the Events Planner view

It would be wonderful to have the option to view additional columns in the list of events in Event Planner, such as "Date" and "Time." This would allow the user to quickly differentiate betw...

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Ability to manage/view attendees for an event

It would be very helpful to be able to view a list of events on the backend and see how many attendees have registered for each event. All of the events I'm working with have a class size limit. The Ev...

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Shortcode to display a calendar of the week (not just the month)

My client runs a dance school with the same class schedule for 9 months of the year. Regardless of which month the user views, the schedule for the week remains the same (example: Mondays - tap @ 9 am, jazz @ 1...

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Invoice Payment Type

Hi Abel, Am wondering if Invoice could be added as one of the options on Payment Profiles similar to the Check option. Thank you.

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Client interface in French

Hi Abel, Do you think it's could be possible to have the client interface in French? Like the forms, first name, last names and so on? Great app so far! Thanks for creating it! :) Regards! Dany

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Shortcode That Displays All Events In List Format

Could a shortcode be created that displays all events in a list format ... something like this ... Event Title, Date and Location? Here is a visual example - Name of Event #1 (this title is a link) Date L...

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check box for reg levels

Greetings, I would like to suggest an option to allow for a checkbox selection for registration levels. Many conventions allow for only one registration to be purchased per transaction. So having a &quo...

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