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Datepicker feature

Hello Abel, I´m really enthousiastic about eventplanner pro. ALmost ready installing all features. Right now I´m using a datepicker field in the registration form where attendees have to tell me which da...

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Multiple dates automatically registered

Need to be able to have a message on the "Overview" page *or* need to be able to require that they make selections for both dates when multiple dates are automatically registered.

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Adding user registration info to form automatically

It would be very helpful to be able to add worpress registration info such as name or email automatically to a form - is this possible? Thanks again.

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Add New Registration

Hi, I sent in a request for the 'add new registration' function about six months ago as it is essential for my website, you said then that it was next on your list of jobs and would be working in a f...

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Can you pass values to Something like the event name to know which charges go to which event. Thanks.

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Default settings

Could you please add default settings for Event options. That would save me lot of time. Like: Payment methode > Select Default Organisation > Select Default Location > Select Default Confirm...

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Re: Sagepay integration

Hi, Is there any likelihood that you can integrate sagepay payment gateway. Paypal and google checkout is rubbish for UK.

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Import Data for Dropdown List

It would be useful to be able to import (from CSV file) a list of labels and values for dropdown list fields. Thus, for example, you could import the list of countries for a Country fields and States for a s...

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Drop Down Menus

I've requested this before, but I would like to see the dates available on the registration page to show as a drop down menu instead of a radio input. I've come close to creating it myself. Any chance...

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capacity lefr

Hello! It's very nice to find the right plugin after the whole year of searching wordpress topics, thank you! I have bought your PRO version this month. My questions are: 1. Registration form: available...

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