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double registration

how do i fix double registrations? i want only one registration per handle or email address. 2. i cant open field options in cfp (it closes directly) Browser chrome and firefox.

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Automatic Updates

Hi Abel, Is the plugin automatically updating? This week I see 1.3.10 and 1.13.11 was rolled out without my knowing. When it does that, my CSS gets messed up. Is there a way to just notify us of new updates ...

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Template Tag for Spaces Available

I'm trying to build my own custom table for upcoming events, basically recreating the table found on the front page of event planner. I got all the information of the event (time/price/place) through using...

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Accept file attachments as part of the registration form

Hi -- I was wondering if you're thinking of adding the functionality to be able to have attendees submit file attachments as part of the registration form? I have a need for a registration to include ...

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Email tracking

I don't know if it's possible but a useful future enhancement would be a way of seeing which emails have been sent to a registrant.

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Feature Request: Additional Registration Status: Archived

Abel, I get many registrations on my site and would like to keep all of the old registrations for future reference. Would it be possible to add a Registration Status of 'Archived' for the registra...

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Time zone Feature

Hello, I posted a question about time zones to you on twitter. I have a client who does online class tutoring. They hold classes at one specific time on one specific day, however her registrants span across man...

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Display Register ID and Ticket Amount on attendee list

Is there anyway I can display the amount of tickets and registrations ID on the attendee list shortcode. Regards, Oscar

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Snapshot and CSV sort order

Hi. Is there a way of viewing or exporting the registrations by name order? I'm sure there must be a need for this. I realise that I can export a CSV file for manipulation in a spreadsheet and sort b...

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PayPal: show Pre Redirect Message in email

Hello, is it possible to show the "Pre Redirect Message" in the registration mail ? thanks a lot

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