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Update withing WP or at least email?

Abel, Why are you not updating your plug in from inside Wordpress like other plugin's do? Or at least can you do email announcements with your updates?

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Easier method for auto-incrementing registration caps?

My client's website has registration caps for all their events. Is it possible for the Event management page to show an updated number for how many remaining slots are available for a particular event? The...

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Show spaces available on calendar

Hey Abel I was wondering if it would be possible to show the spaces left on the calendar? Maybe next to the date when the event is hovered over? It would be awesome if you could implement this. Many th...

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Alternate registration per price

I have set up a price option for taking a class in person and another for a person to attend the class via webinar. It would be great to send the webinar people to the webinar site to register there.

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Allow external linkage of Event Title

We use the shortcode for an individual event within a larger formatted page including an event agenda, hotel and flight accommodations, etc. I would like to be able to choose to click the event title to go to t...

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other mailchimp fields integration

I would love to be able to integrate with Mailchimp's groups so that I can have people choose what they are interested in hearing about from me.

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Grouping Classes or Naming

It would be great to have an individual description and name for each recurrence of an event. Or perhaps a better method would be to allow people to register for 1 or a few sessions of a course. The situa...

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google checkout

Hi Abel, Was wondering if you have plans to implement Google Checkout by any chance? Thanks so much for all your great work! Ji Sun

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Change button text to "Wait List" when applicable

It would be great for the event registration button to change from the default text (e.g., "Register" or "Book Now") to "Wait List" when the event is full and the wait list feature...

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Buttons and Terms

Hi Abel, This is a question and a feature request. My client has asked if I can change the button labels, for example REGISTER NOW to become BOOK NOW. I trawled though the php files with notepad++ but can&...

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