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Allow more payment options and the printing of a ticket one has purchased

I am from Kenya and here we are not too strong on paypal and Visa but we have our own mobile payment platforms and every mobile swervice provider has a developed a variant service. This is the most common mode ...

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Manual Enrolment?

Hi As I am having issues with Self Enrolnment (by users), (Please select a quantity issue). I was wondering if the option of Manual enrolnment of users is available in the full version, as I have noticed ...

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Next available date

For using with a theme that has a lovely calendar icon display for one date... We have been using the first date of the event, but there are workshops that happen on the third Thursday of every month (for ex...

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Date and times don't link right in available spaces

Your plugin is excellent, but seems to me that it lacks a important feature. Or did I miss something? Meaning: If I have two dates for the event. And on the other date there is only one recurrence at 7pm, ...

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Enable Tags in Notification Email Subject Line

Using {event_name} in the subject line of the notification email templates doesn't return anything. Would be great if you could include this in the next version. Matt

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Bulk Editing Features

It would be great if it were possible to bulk edit the payment, location, instructor, etc. settings for events rather than having to edit each event separately.

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Moving a registrant to another class after registration completed

Hi Abel, We would love to be able to easily move a current registrant from one class (Class A) to different class (Class B) without having to delete their registration in Class A and create a new registratio...

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shortcode-to-display-a-calendar-of-the-week It occurs to me that you may not look at a post that is a year old - so repost...

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Disable submit button on click to avoid duplicate registrations

I'm using Recently, our host had some temporary problems causing lag in page loads. Users would click the Complete button multiple times in frustration when the confirmation page didn't load...

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Shortcode to list instructors on a page

Is there a shortcode to list instructor profiles - or even a list to link to their instructor page - otherwise I am going to have to create duplicates since the instructors need to be listed on an about page as...

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