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Can the public post their own events

I just started with this, and I like what I see so far. I tested to Pro version, but am unable to see whether this calendar has the feature of allowing anyone that visits our site to add their own event to the ...

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Printing invoices

Let's say someone is paying by check. We need to create and print an invoice with registrant infos. Could we have the possibility to configure and print fast invoice ?

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Payment Surcharge

I would like the option to add a surcharge to a certain payment type, preferably Credit Card. I read on another post that this feature would be added by October/November 2013; is this feature any closer to b...

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Settings for table-class display

It would be good to be able to customise this display without messing with the code... Chose which columns to display is the obvious one Change sort order is another possible one One/all event instances (f...

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Show wait list slots on mange events page

It would be great to also have the ability to see the wait list registrations on the manage events page or at least have the number of registrations that are in wait list status for an event.

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One Event per page

Hi Abel, is it possible to show one event per page, so I can build up a menu with different events? Did not find this feature. Thank you Erwin

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Media- Maximum Size Upload

Hi there, I am using Events Planner for an educational conference and would like to offer attendees access to all of the power point presentations and handouts after the conference. Is there a way for me to up...

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Adding payment gateway

Hi, I want to add payment gateway in wp-event -planner,Please suggest how to add this. It's so urgent for me .Please help.

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registration button

Hi, When I click on registration button,It redirects me to my homepage. Why this happening?

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Print Registration page button

Hi Abel, VERY much looking forward to 1.4! An additional feature for this or a future version - it would be great to have a print confirmation button that creates a streamlined page for users to print. ...

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