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Selecting sold out dates

We have events with multiple dates. Sometimes our customers are confused when trying to register for sold out dates. Because the "Sold Out" error shows up at the bottom of the page, they don't ...

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How to have no dates selected by default

I have events that have multiple sessions. For most of these, the first date is always selected. It causes confusion in a couple of ways: 1 - If I have "Show 0" set to "yes" and the cus...

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Storing Registrant Info for Future Use

Is there anything in the Events Planner Pro system or any add-ons that would allow registrants to store information for future use? We have a client who has competitions that people register for, the master re...

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Use event planner with multi language site.

Hi, I use Event Planner and Polylang multi language support. Can I get multi language supplort for Event Planner ? Norwegian, Russian and English is on the wish list. All the best! Martin

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Report options

I would like to be able to set up a report - currently I only have a detailed or basic report. Is there a place that I can get other reports for my registrants? or do they have to be created by Abel? Nancy

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suggestion and a questions

Suggestion: Use ajax so that the embedded form will work smoothly. Now the user see the page refresh 3 times and each time he need to scroll down to see changes. very un-natural. See Que...

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do not show full classes

Is there a way to hide classes that are full (or indicate that the class is full) in the calendar. I thought I saw a thread from a while back that said it was "on the to do list"

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Simplified selection interface

I'd like an ordering form where the choice to buy is one or zero for an item for it to be a checkbox instead of a scroll selection of 0 and 1. It's easier for the user to select. If this could incl...

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Mutually exclusive pirce items

I'd really like to restrict purchasing of an item to allow only one of a set. for example a full weekend item, a Saturday item or a Sunday item. allow the customer to pick only one of the three. not all my...

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Constant Contact Integration

Any chance WP Events Planner will integrate with Constant Contact?

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