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How to Display Attendees at each event?

First of all sorry for my English. I speak Spanish. I bought the PRO version for a client, but I require registered show attendees for each event. How I can do to show them? For it is very important that the ...

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Add Stripe Payment Gateway

I'd very much like to see Stripe added as a payment gateway.

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Registrant List

It would be nice to be able to publish a list with delectable fields of the registrants to a password protected post that I could then access through the website.

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Price Per Event vs Package Price for Group of Events

I don't know if this is a feature request or if I don't know how to set up the pricing correctly. We are using Events Planner to schedule yoga classes. I understand how to set up a price per session,...

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PayPal Pro for UK

Can you add PayPal Pro support for the United Kingdom - the ability to use PayPal Pro was one of my main reasons for upgrading to Pro! Also, would be good to be able to use more than one currency within the ...

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Amendment to previous re: loading Views from theme

Previous code suggestion posted would not work. This does... In epl-base.php... function load_view( $file_name, $data = NULL, $return = FALSE ) { if ( is_array( $data ) || is_object( $data ) ...

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Give themes the opportunity to override Views

I've noticed a change in display format between Lite and Pro, specifically for the dates/times/prices, and for one-off events I actually prefer the Lite format to Pro's 'dropdown' format. Ho...

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