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Add New Registration

We are using your (amazing) system to register entrants to a running event and take payment and it is working very well. The event is only a month away. Is there any chance of getting the 'Add new regi...

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Printable tickets

Hi Was wondering if there are any plans to have a print-at-home ticket option with tickets delivered as PDFs (probably, but not necessarily) and with scanable QR-codes (like your overly expensive caffienated...

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Undefined table data

This error message comes up when dates/times are not set. Would it be possible to convert these to a user configurable message? Or at least to "TBD"?

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WIll there be support for USAEpay gateway in the near future?

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Do i need to register with for a SSL certificate?

Hi there Just wondering if it's completely nessesary to register with for a SSL certificate, as they are quite expensive, and charge monthly for gateway usage? I wanted to use the paypa...

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See registrations for just one particular class

One thing I would love to see developed in this plugin would be a way to filter the registration view so that you are just looking at who is signed up for a particular section of a particular class. This would ...

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Receipt Functionality

Hi Abel, Thanks for your continued hard work on WP Events Planner. I've been using it for six months now and it's been great. I do have a feature request: In the Notification that gets sent ...

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Copy an event

Hi, just checking if copy/clone an event was put in the beta. Cant quite figure it out. Can you please confirm?

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export file csv not in coloms

Hi, i have a problem, when i would like to consult the participant on my registration center, all participants are not in coloms excel, it not so lisible, its possible to export in other format or export be...

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Dropdown dates

Hi Abel, Is there any way to make a drop down menu for all event dates? For example, on the Pour & Pedal website, none of the dates have a description and they don't need to show any information until...

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