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Deprecated - SIM

Abel, Just wanted to let you know that has announced SIM is deprecated and they are recommending to switch to "accept hosted" - see

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QuickBooks Integration

One of my clients uses QuickBooks and was wondering if there could be a simple way to export the data from WPEventsPlanner to a compatible file that could be imported into QuickBooks. What do you think? T...

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Price Dependency/Contingency

Is there a way to make certain prices dependent/contingent upon the selection of another price. Example 1: In order to accommodate a flat family price that allows a different number of family members (4-8 ...

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Expired Discount Code makes manual payment entries impossible

Hi Abel, I am having trouble with entering manual payments when the discount code that was applied at the time of registration is no longer current. When I go to edit the registration and hit UPDATE, the fee ...

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Create *.ics and *.ical files

Abel, I searched and didn't find this request, but I'd like to have the system create a calendar file (*.ics, *.ical) for events and add a link to either the event registration complete page and/or...

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Use a lower leve lrole for reports

I have many involved in our events that would like to view the information available from the reports page. Currently only those with administrator privileges can view the reports and we are reluctant to grant ...

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PayPal Notes

When paypal is received it doesn't give a break down of what was purchased, it doesn't leave any notes or anything. It makes it difficult to match the transaction with the payment other than using a l...

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Copy function from Organizations to Locations

Abel, Thank you for the program and your support when asked. One of the features I would like to see added or explained if it is already there is to be able to create a location from an organization. Curr...

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Problem for you form system of payment RedSys

Good days, I have the plugin installed The Events Planner Pro and it needed to create a form of payment for Card of Credit with the system RedSys. I do not find the way of forming for this platform....

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Registrants database - as training record

We'd like to use Events Planner to promote and manage bookings for training courses. It would be useful if there was a trainee database that allowed us to search for past trainees, look up the courses they...

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