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Problems with two attendees at different price levels

David L. Herring — Dec 22, 2016 10:25AM MST

I have an event that in our old system had pricing options set up like this:

Driver - $225
Driver & Co-pilot - $275

What this means is that there will always be one attendee at $225, and it only costs $50 extra for a second attendee. So I've set up two different price options in WP Events Planner:

Price: $225
Min: 1
Max: 1

Price: $50
Min: 0
Max: 1

It's not ideal--because what we're really asking the user is whether or not they have a co-pilot, rather than asking for the "quantity" of attendees--but it works decently enough, except for the forms on the next page.

There are a few more form fields that need to be displayed if a Co-pilot is selected, so I created a form for those fields and added it to the Co-pilot price option. The problem is that the form always shows with a heading of "Attendee 1: Co-pilot", even though the Co-pilot is the second attendee. If I add a form to the Driver, then they both show up as "Attendee 1".

Is there a way to fix the attendee count? Or to just hide the "Attendee 1" altogether? I'm more than happy to hook into a filter or override some view HTML if necessary.

1 Community Answers

Abel - Dec 28, 2016 at 11:04AM MST

WP Events Planner Agent

Hi David.

You will need to modify a model, for now. In v3, I have moved this info into a view so it’s easier to modify.

Please edit “\wp-content\plugins\events-planner-pro\application\models\epl-registration-model.php” file, go to line 2574 and delete this highlighted section:

Hope this helps.

Thanks, Abel

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