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Credit/Debit Cards with PayPal Express Checkout

You may not be aware but you can accept credit cards with PayPal Express Checkout. The process is very simple.

1) Setting up on

Log into your PayPal account. Go to Profile > Selling Preferences > Website Payment Preferences. Scroll down to PayPal Account Optional (Figure 1), select “On” and Save. That’s it. Your users will now see the credit card option available to them (Figure 2).

Setup Credit/Debit card access
Figure 1


Credit/Debit Screen
Figure 2


2) Choosing the default PayPal landing page

By default, once the users ends up on PayPal from the registration form, they will see the login form. If you would like to show the Credit/Debit card form by default, on your admin screen, go to Events Planner > Payment Profiles. Select the PayPal Express Checkout profile. On the lower section of the form, you will see “PayPal Landing Page” option (Figure 3). Select “Non-PayPal account, for credit/debit cards”, Update and your users will now be greeted with the Credit/Debit card form (Figure 4).

Setup Default Screen
Figure 3


PayPal Default Screen
Figure 4

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