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This page details some of the common issues that we have seen.  If you encounter any issues that are not listed here, please use one of the links on the right to post a public question or send us an email.

My events are not showing

Some possible causes

  1. You do not have the events_planner shortcode on a page
  2. The event start date is in the past
  3. The event has not been “Published”
  4. The event status is not “Active”
  5. In certain instances (in the lite version), the plugin has issues with the date format. For example, if the date is entered as January 21st, 2016, the plugin will not be able to process that date. Please change the date to January 21, 2016.


ERROR: Security error. Security header is not valid
ERROR: Authentication/Authorization Failed. You do not have permissions to make this API call

Some possible causes

  1. The credentials entered are incorrect.
  2. When the credentials are highlighted, copied, and pasted from PayPal, a leading or a trailing space is also accidentally copied (only affects the lite version).
  3. You have entered sandbox credentials and have not selected “Yes” for the “Test Mode”, and vise versa.
  4. You are trying to make a payment from 'localhost'.
  5. In some instances, the API credentials will need to be recreated on PayPal and re-entered in the Events Planner PayPal payment profile.  Please see Creating an API Signature on how to create a new signature.
  6. In the lite version, sometimes the payment method is not selected in the cart.  Please add the code below to your theme's functions.php file and the payment profile will be selected when a user lands in the cart.  Please note that you may need to change the single and double quotes in the code below as there may be some issues with character encoding on some systems (after copying the code to your editor, just delete and re-enter the single and double quotes).
    add_action('wp_footer', '_select_the_payment');
    function _select_the_payment(){
    echo "
    //End Code
  7. You have not selected a payment profile for this event.Price Select


Empty page on when you click on "Confirm and Continue to PayPal"

This usually happens when cURL is not installed/activated on your server.

FullCalendar is not displaying

So far we have seen two causes for this:
  1. jQuery is being loaded twice.  We use wp_enqueue_script() to correctly load our scripts.  Some themes have the jQuery link hardcoded in the header.php, and in many instances it is a very old version.  The easiest check for this is by doing a "View Source" on the calendar page and searching for "jquery".  If you see two or more jquery.js being loaded, than you need to find and remove the hardcoded line.
  2. There is a javascript error on the calendar page that is impacting all javascript functions, including the full calendar loader.  These are very unique and we will gladly check out what is happening if you provide us with a link to the calendar page.
  3. wpautop maybe be adding <p> tags to the javascript in the body.  Please wrap the shortcode in [raw] shortcode as such: [raw][events_planner display = "calendar"][/raw]

‚ÄčEmails are not being sent

Events Planner uses wp_mail() WordPress function to send out emails.  If you are having issues with user or admin emails confirmations, please see the list below for some possible causes and solutions.
  1. In Events Planner > Form Manager, for the Email field, please make sure that the Input slug says 'email'.
  2. Please make sure that you have selected a "Ticket Buyer" for the event (edit the event, scroll down to the Forms tab to make sure.)  This is optional for the Pro version 2.0.7+.  If you are not using the Ticket Buyer form, please go to Events Planner > Settings > Registrations tab > set "Send confirmation message to"  to "All email addresses in all forms"
  3. Your users are not reaching the confirmation page.  The emails are sent at the final stage.  Please test the registration process and make sure that you can reach the confirmation page.
  4. There may be something wrong with your server.  If you are not getting any emails from your installation, please contact your hosting provider.
  5. A plugin may be interfering.  In this case, the best way to troubleshoot is to disable all other plugins, go through a registration and see if the email works.  If it does, then you will need to enable the plugins in batches and test emails again to pinpoint the culprit.  Sorry :-( 
  6. There may be something wrong with your mail server.  In cases as such, you can contact your hosting provider or use one of the WordPress SMTP plugins (please google "wordpress smtp plugn").  Using an SMTP plugin with a google account works very well.

Cart is showing twice 

This happens when you use the [events_planner] shortcode twice on a page.  Here is how to remedy the situation.
  1. Create a new WordPress page, call is something like "Online Registration", and publish it.
  2. Go to Events Planner > Settings > select the newly published page in "Shortcode Page" dropdown > Save Changes.
After this change, refresh your event list and the Register button will point to this newly created page.

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