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Class/Course Event Type

Events Planner is flexible enough to let you schedule a class, course, or a trip and create the schedule two ways.  To make this work correctly, please set the event status to "Ongoing" to make sure the event still displays after the start date has passed.

1) Using the Recurrence helper to construct a schedule

The start and end dates of this event type are usually different. For example, if it is a class, it may run from 1/23/2012 to 5/26/2012. Event though the class is 4 months long, it will most likely have a preset schedule, such as every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. With the recurrence helper, you can construct the class schedule and display it to your users.

When creating this event type, you will notice that the recurrence helper will have fewer fields. The available fields are enough (along with the start and end dates in the dates section) to construct the class calendar. See the image below on which information is needed.

Class Schedule

2) Using the Session Table to construct the schedule.

With the introduction of Pro v1.1, you can now manually indicate class session dates. When you select the Class/Course event type, you will notice the new form right below the dates section. With the help of the standard controls, you can add as many session dates as you would like. Please see the image below for an example.

Class Session

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