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By default, Events Planner sends out a detailed notification email to the registrant and the site admin as depicted below.

With the introduction of Events Planner Pro v1.1, you can now use the notification manager to create custom emails and use them for one or more events.  To get started, please go to Events Planner > Notification Manager > Add New Notification

1) Notification Title

  • The title is used for identification purposes only and will appear in notification selection dropdowns throughout the plugin.

2) Editor

  • You can enter the email contents inside the editor.  Since Events Planner sends out HTML emails, you can use formatted HTML and images inside the editor.
  • You can also enter email tags inside the editor.  See #3 below.

3) Available email tags

  • This section will list the available email tags that you can use inside the editor.  The tags will be replaced with their corresponding values when the email is sent.
  • The following tags are available now and more are on the way.
  1. {registration_detail_link} -  this will place a link in the email (e.g. ) that the customer can access any time to see his/her registration.  N.B.  single-epl_registration.php theme template is required for this to work.  See Events Planner Theme Templates for more information.

4) Notification Options

  • This section will allow you to customize the From Name, From Email, and Email Subject.  When a new notification is created, these values will default to your blog name and admin email.  N.B. Some hosts require that you follow specific rules in using the from email. 

5) Email message to use for confirmations.

  • This is optional.  This dropdown will list all the notifications that you have created.  Set this dropdown to empty if you would like to use the default email.

6) Replace the default email?

  • This works if a notifications has been selected in #5 above.
  • Yes - The default email content will be replaced by the notification message that you created (Figure 1).
  • No - The notification message will be appended to the default email (Figure 2).

Notification Manager Replace Content

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