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Initial Setup

After the Events Planner Plugin is activated, please follow these simple steps to get it up and running.

  1. Go to Events Planner > Settings in the admin menu, make your selections and save them.

  2. Go to Events Planner > Form Manager.  There should already be 8 fields and the "Ticket Buyer" form will be in the Registration Forms tab. If they do not exist, please let us know. Feel free to create more fields and forms (instructions).

  3. Go to Events Planner > Organizations and create one or more organizations (optional). This will be the entity that is hosting the events, meetings, gatherings, training....

  4. Go to Events Planner > Payment Profiles and create a payment profile (instructions). In the Lite version, you are limited to PayPal Express Checkout. You can create unlimited number of payment profiles. Each gateway can have as many profiles as you would like. For example, if you have more than one PayPal account, you can create multiple accounts and at event level, select which account gets presented during the registration.

  5. Go to Events Planner > Locations and create one or more event locations. These will be selectable at the event level, and at a date level with the Advanced License.

  6. Go to Events Planner > Event Categories and create one or more event categories. You will be presented with the standard WordPress Category manager.

  7. IMPORTANT Please create a page (you can call it whatever you would like, ex. 'Events', 'Dance Schedule', 'Training') and place the shortcode [events_planner] in the editor.  This shortcode will process everything on the WP side so this step is important.  Here is the list of Events Planner shortcodes.

Events Planner Shortcode

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